Company will offer new products alongside its own GPCR screening platform.

Cisbio Bioassays and Multispan negotiated a distribution agreement through which the latter will distribute Multispan’s portfolio of GPCR cell lines in the U.S. Multispan says its cell-line platform comprises over 320 human and 209 rodent expression-ready cDNAs and 240 stable cell lines expressing GPCRs in their native forms. Cisbio will offer the cell lines alongside its own technology platform for GPCR screening and cell-surface receptor analysis. “The addition of Multispan’s products to our portfolio now provides a one-stop-shop for cell lines and fuctional assays,” comments Glenn Knapik, Cisbio’s managing director in the U.S .

Multispan specializes in the development of products and services for GPCR drug discovery research. The firm claims to have generated the industry’s largest collection of GPCR clones. Its cell-line portfolio includes a Hex™ series of high-expression cell lines. Cisbio is a global developer of products and technologies used for in vitro diagnostics and assay development for drug screening. The firm has specialist expertise in the field of homogenous fluorescence technologies, commercialized through its HTRF® platform for the detection of molecular interactions. The firm is part of the Belgian IBA Group.

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