Bruker said today it has acquired InVivo Biotech Services for an undisclosed price, in a deal designed to expand its expertise and infrastructure for consumables development, validation, and production.

Bruker said the acquisition will also support its strategy of expanding its microbiology assay menu for the MALDI Biotyper™ platform—while InVivo’s kit development and production capabilities are expected to shorten time to market for such new assays.

InVivo’s expertise in monoclonal antibodies, Bruker added, opens new possibilities to combine the specificity of antibody enrichment with the multichannel information read-out via MALDI Biotyper. Antibody enrichment strategies applied before MALDI Biotyper analysis could further shorten microbial cultivation and time to result, Bruker reasons.

The buyer added that InVivo’s capabilities will support its activities in translational pathology research with the MALDI Tissuetyper™ platform. Enzymes involved in the digestion and sample preparation of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue are expected to complement MALDI Tissuetyper, while monoclonal antibodies against new protein biomarkers identified in a MALDI Tissuetyper workflow can be efficiently produced at InVivo.

“We are very pleased by the expanded opportunities for our business using the global commercial infrastructure of Bruker, particularly for microbiology and pathology. With our molecular biology core products and CMO services, we anticipate significant growth and expansion opportunities,” Wolfgang Weglöhner, Ph.D., and Siegmund Karasch, founders and managing directors of InVivo Biotech, said in a statement.

Added Wolfgang Pusch, Ph.D., evp at Bruker Daltonics: “We are systematically building up infrastructure to support our rapidly growing consumables business, especially in the field of microbiology and to prepare the market development in anatomical and molecular pathology.”

“Together with our recently announced acquisition in the field of multiplex PCR-based microbiology testing, the InVivo Biotech acquisition is expected to greatly accelerate our assay and consumables business expansion,” Dr. Pusch stated.

In November, Bruker said it acquired nucleic acid testing assays and syndromic panel technology from an undisclosed Glasgow, U.K., seller for an undisclosed price, in a transaction intended to support its microbiology business and MALDI Biotyper.

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