EUR 500,000 will be used to persue the OncoSorb column.

BioPheresis was awarded a two-year, EUR 500,000 grant  to accelerate and expand work on a new cancer treatment with the company’s OncoSorb® column from the German federal government.

“Initial study data and the present decision of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research indicate that our company and the OncoSorb® therapy have the potential to make a difference in the treatment of cancer patients,” says Bernhard Ehmer, CEO and managing director.

This approach of cancer therapy uses an immuno-adsorptive treatment with established apheresis procedures to combat metastatic cancers, explains BioPheresis. By the application of an immuno-affinity (OncoSorb) column, soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors (sTNFRs) and soluble interleukin-2 alpha receptor (sIL-2Ra) were removed from patients’ blood. Depletion of these immuno-inhibitory factors allows the body’s own immune response to attack and destroy tumors once again, as in a well working immune system when TNF mediates destruction of transformed cells, notes a BioPheresis spokesperson.

“We look forward to obtaining the CE-mark as the next step and are planning a study in metastatic breast cancer to generate more data to confirm the existing results,” adds Ehmer.

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