Second license deal comes with $1M up-front payment for ImmunoGen and potential for $34M in milestones.

Amgen licensed the exclusive right to use ImmunoGen’s maytansinoid Targeted Antibody Payload (TAP) technology to develop anticancer therapeutics to an undisclosed target. This is the second such license to be taken by Amgen—the company licensed rights to the technology for another undisclosed cancer target in September.

Under the new license agreement, ImmunoGen will receive a $1 million up-front payment and is entitled to receive milestone payments potentially totaling $34 million plus royalties on the sales of any resulting products. Amgen is responsible for the development, manufacturing, and marketing of any products resulting from this license.

Both licenses were taken under a 2000 agreement that grants Amgen certain rights to test ImmunoGen’s maytansinoid TAP technology and to license rights to use it to develop products to individual targets on agreed-upon terms. 

ImmunoGen’s TAP technology uses antibodies to deliver one of the company’s cell-killing agents specifically to cancer targets. In addition to the company’s product pipeline, compounds utilizing the TAP technology are in clinical testing through ImmunoGen’s collaborations with Genentech, sanofi-aventis, Biogen Idec, and Biotest.

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