Company gains automated microbial detection platforms for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

To help 3M expand into the infection diagnostics market, the company bought Acolyte Biomedica. “This acquisition builds on 3M’s innovative research and development in the medical diagnostics area and is a natural extension of our core infection prevention business,” notes Chuck Kummeth, division vp, 3M medical division.

“Our vision is to continue expanding our platform to include diagnostic solutions ranging from simple, culture-based approaches to more advanced molecular diagnostics that will help hospitals to improve the quality of patient care.”

Acolyte Biomedica brings to 3M’s infection prevention platform a pipeline of rapid culture-based screening tests for microbes, such as MRSA and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus. These simplify the diagnostic process by automating traditional culture methodology resulting in reliable confirmed negatives in hours rather than days, according to 3M.

3M says that it will provide customers with rapid, easy-to-use microbial diagnostics that help to reduce the impact of resistant microbes and improve hospital laboratory efficiency.

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