Cisbio Feb 4 eBook

Trends in Protein-Protein Interactions Research

In the spirit of offering the scientific community cutting-edge research reports, Cisbio in collaboration with GEN, is sponsoring this eBook, with an emphasis on the most recent and most exciting interactome work.

Unleash Your Biologic

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The Changing Landscape of CRISPR Screening

This eBook, sponsored by Twist, offers a contemporary synthesis of CRISPR screening technologies for functional geneticists. In the chapters that follow, we’ll dive deeper into some of the most recent advances in the field, we’ll see how the technologies are being used today, and we’ll highlight CRISPR experiment design tips from leading experts in the field to help scientists see success with the next generation of functional genomic screens.
Human Stem Cells

Superpowered Cell Therapies: The Role of Single-Cell Proteomics

In this eBook, sponsored by Isoplexis, we will cover recent cutting-edge research in cellular therapy, as well as several cases in which functional proteomics technology was used to optimize cell therapies at every stage of the development pipeline, filling critical gaps in cell therapy product quality assessment and predictive biomarker discovery.
Simplifying Protein Analysis eBook Cover

Simplifying Protein Analysis

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A Deep Dive into Perfusion Media for Bioprocessing Applications

This eBook, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, introduces the steps to take when choosing a perfusion medium, including key considerations and evaluation, along with articles highlighting the exciting potential of large-scale continuous bioprocesses.

Novel Approaches to Improve Cell Therapy Manufacturing

The Cell Therapy market has been experiencing double-digit growth over the last 3-5 years and is anticipated to continue at this pace. This eBook, sponsored by Catalent, focuses on new cell therapy discoveries, subsequent manufacturing challenges, and solutions to efficiently scale to commercial-ready processes. As cell therapies make their way from discovery, development, clinical and commercial manufacturing, each step poses new challenges and consideration points.
From Process Development to Scale-up… Facing the Challenges in Vaccine Upstream Bioprocessing eBook Cover

From Process Development to Scale-up…Facing the Challenges in Vaccine Upstream Bioprocessing

In this ebook we share expert views and case studies on some of the hot topics in vaccine bioprocess development. We hope the information on viral vector production, continuous bioprocessing, and process scale-up will prove useful for your own development projects.
TTP Labtech eBook Cover

Phenotypic Screening: A New Dimension

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