The Promise of Cell Therapy

This eBook's collection of articles focuses on exciting developments in the field of cell therapy and many important considerations that can help you accelerate and achieve your cell therapy program goals.
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Deciphering the Immune Response to Viral Infection

This eBook, sponsored by Sartorius, features groundbreaking studies and analysis platforms that both inform and expedite the therapeutic discovery and vaccine development process.

A Deep Dive into Perfusion Media for Bioprocessing Applications

This eBook, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, introduces the steps to take when choosing a perfusion medium, including key considerations and evaluation, along with articles highlighting the exciting potential of large-scale continuous bioprocesses.
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Better Research Begins with an Experienced Solution Provider

In this eBook, sponsored by The Jackson Laboratory, we highlight the capabilities of JAX and present selected data from case studies describing JAX models and services.

Delivering Key Omic Insights for Curative Medicine

In this eBook see how IsoPlexis’ multifaceted functional proteomics platform enables single-cell secreted proteomics, low-volume highly multiplexed proteomics from serum, single-cell phosphoprotein analysis, and single-cell metabolomic analysis all on one integrated, benchtop system, making functional proteomics accessible to virtually every lab worldwide.
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The mRNA Therapeutics Boom

In this article Thermo Fisher Scientific provides information on how to simplify workflows and maximize the efficiency of the mRNA purification process with POROS™ Oligo (dT)25 affinity resin.

New Research and Development Strategies in Virology/Viral Immunology

In this eBook we learn how Sartorius’ advanced cell analysis platforms accelerate the discovery and development of new vaccines against viral infections by giving deeper, more relevant data on phenotype, activation, and function so you gain more insight, faster.

Accelerating the Development of Curative Medicines with Functional Immune Profiling

In this eBook, sponsored by Isoplexis, we highlight recent studies in which IsoPlexis’ immune profiling delivered key omic insights had the potential to accelerate curative medicines.

Gain Critical Insights from Advanced Cell Models with Real-Time Analysis

Non-invasive, continuous live-cell imaging has the potential to provide deeper insight into the kinetics of cell health, morphology and function. This new eBook features a collection of must-read articles on real-time live-cell analysis.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Reshaped Biosurveillance

This eBook examines the suite of technologies leading the fight in the war on SARS-CoV-2, highlighting the importance of initial viral detection and ongoing biosurveillance to limit its spread and damage – to both human life and our way of life. The six articles – written by leaders in their fields and researchers on the front line – examine these ground-breaking tools, methods and workflows in detail.