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mRNA Vaccines: A New Era of Biotherapeutic Development

2020 was devastating. It was also a year of firsts. Fueled by decades of research and widespread global cooperation, the first mRNA-based vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 were produced, tested, and injected mere months after COVID-19 hit. With mRNA technology proven, the floodgates are now open to a deluge of possibilities. We’ve got some of the brightest and most industrious on the case to solve the challenges unique to mRNA. Read this collection of articles to join the mRNA evolution and bring more ‘firsts’ to patients.

Novel Approaches to Improve Cell Therapy Manufacturing

The Cell Therapy market has been experiencing double-digit growth over the last 3-5 years and is anticipated to continue at this pace. This eBook, sponsored by Catalent, focuses on new cell therapy discoveries, subsequent manufacturing challenges, and solutions to efficiently scale to commercial-ready processes. As cell therapies make their way from discovery, development, clinical and commercial manufacturing, each step poses new challenges and consideration points.
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Phenotypic Screening: A New Dimension

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Making the Promise of mRNA a Reality: Overcoming Scale-Up Challenges

This eBook shows how to approach the daunting landscape of scaling up in vitro transcription. It also emphasizes that the mRNA journey is actually an expedition—an undertaking that demands teamwork. The scale-up of mRNA production occurs more reliably and efficiently if developers have good relationships with suppliers and technical specialists.
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The Year in CRISPRs

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November 12, 2021 Simplifying Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Production ebook image

Simplifying Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Production

In this new eBook created through a collaboration between experts at Sartorius and the University of Nantes, we explore various aspects of upstream rAAV production. The authors discuss the challenges that rAAV experts face and propose some of the best practice solutions they have employed to overcome them. Through a series of opinion-led and case study articles, you’ll learn how combining new technology such as high throughput mini bioreactors and Design of Experiments (DOE) software can help rapidly optimize rAAV production.
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Accelerating Clinical Biomarker Discovery for Curative Medicines

Functional biomarker discovery is leading the growth of personalized medicine, allowing researchers and clinicians to tailor treatment to a patient’s individual immune profile. In this sponsored eBook, IsoPlexis discloses how its superpowered functional proteomics reveals unique insights over methods such as mass spectrometry, genomics, and epigenetics and provides high-throughput omics while simplifying complex workflows.
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Single-Cell Advances in Functional Immune Monitoring for Developing Immune Therapies and Uncovering Disease Pathogenesis

GEN spoke to three thought leaders working on immune therapies to hear their views and strategies on using single-cell functional proteomics in their quest to treat some of the world’s most devastating diseases. Read this IsoPlexis sponsored Roundtable now!
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Upstream Bioprocessing Improving Efficiency Through Digital Tools

Digitalization holds great promise for increasing the efficiency, quality, and reproducibility of upstream bioprocessing. With this eBook, sponsored by Eppendorf, we would like to explore the growing world of bioprocess digitalization. How can the bioprocess industry benefit from digitalization? What are concrete examples of process automation? And how can artificial intelligence transform bioprocessing?
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Resolve to Do Better Western Blotting

In this eBook we will bring you up to speed on all the new advances in western blotting such as stain-free technology, total protein normalization, 3 minute rapid transfer technique, 5 minute rapid universal blocking, and state-of-the-art advances in digital imaging.