April 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 8)


Strong Points: Good collection of information, different perspectives
Weak Points: No longer updated (creator passed away)


Visitors to this site are first greeted by a black page with the years of birth and death of the site’s creator, Norman W. Edmund. (He passed away in 2012.) In his later years, after having founded the company Edmund Scientifics (which still exists today), Norman Edmund spent his time studying the scientific method. The results of his studies are presented on this website. While you may think you know what the scientific method is, this website is definitely still worth a visit, as it presents various aspects of the method in much more depth than is usually covered in K–12 or college courses. The website is a nice resource for students and teachers alike, and all visitors will likely leave the page thinking about the scientific method in a slightly different way.

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