March 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 5)


Strong Points: L,O (online biochemistry info for teaching)
Weak Points: Very thorough, well organized

The title of this one won’t win any prizes and neither will its sub-title (Biochemistry Course). At least the sub-title is informative. Those are relatively minor complaints about an otherwise nicely put together online set of information about biochemistry. Organized for teaching a course at the University of Brescia in Italy, Subjects greets visitors with a generic, gray opening page peppered with hyperlinks to numerous areas of biochemistry interest, including hemoglobin, DNA metabolism, muscle biochemistry, and many more. Over 50 aspects of the subject are covered. Clicking on a hyperlink brings up long pages of information (including figures) describing the topics in detail. While I wouldn’t use the material at the site as the only source of information for teaching the subject, I do find it to be an outstanding supplement to the material I cover in my courses. The only downside (besides the vanilla interface) is that the figures are pretty “plain-Jane”. Otherwise, this is a superb site.

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