October 15, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 18)


Strong Points: Nicely organized site, links
Weak Points: Not a great deal of information


You may not know what a siphonophore is, but chances are that you’ve heard of other members belonging to their same phylogenetic group (Cnidaria), such as corals and jellyfish. Siphonophores are largely long and thin creatures with tentacles, and many of them are bioluminescent. (Are you intrigued yet?) To learn more about these strange, glowing creatures, visit siphonophores.org. This website includes a lot of educational information about siphonophores, including facts about their colonial developments, life cycle, and body plan. There is a small glossary of terms to assist you as you learn about these critters, and there is also a nice links page that provides links to sites highlighting other types of Cnidarians. The site is nicely organized, and while it doesn’t contain a wealth of information, it is still very educational and interesting.

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