OER Commons

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Extensive resource database with a wide range of grade levels, subjects, and material types available to download.

Finding lesson plans and curriculums that don’t break the bank can feel like an impossible task. If you’re struggling to build your next lecture, check out OER Commons, a part of Open Educational Resources. The website collects thousands of lesson plans, classroom activities, and lectures into one easy-to-search database. The resources available cover an extensive list of topics, particularly in the life sciences, and range in grade level from preschool to graduate school. Every resource includes a description of what’s included and information about when it was uploaded and by whom. Educators can go back and evaluate resources that they’ve used and can upload their own lesson plans and activities to the database. Users can register an account to access hubs, which are resource collections based on topic, location, or educational standard. OER Commons is an excellent, free resource for educators looking to change up their lesson plans or curriculums.

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