September 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 16)


Strong Points: Good tutorials, intuitive interface
Weak Points: None


The open source software program MAVEN (Metabolomic Analysis and Visualization ENgine) may be of use to you if you find yourself mired by mountains of metabolomics data. Developed by the Rabinowitz laboratory at Princeton University, MAVEN is free to download and is available for Windows, OS, and Ubuntu. MAVEN’s users can analyze chromatographic metabolomics data using features such as a peak-feature detector, isotopic flux animators, and formula predictors. The website for the software provides not only the program downloads, but also guides for getting started and data processing with the software, as well as example datasets. Site visitors can also browse the source code for the program and submit bug reports via the website’s report form. In conjunction with the user guide and the screenshots included on the website, MAVEN’s intuitive interface is easy-to-use. You’ll be well on your way to data visualization in no time.

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