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May 15, 2013 (Vol. 33, No. 10)


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If you consider yourself a hoarder of information, then head over to HordeNet, a website with a great deal of chemistry knowledge that is just waiting to be consumed. HordeNet is the creation of the Hardy Research Group at the University of Akron. (The group’s members have dubbed the lab “The Horde”—hence the website’s name…you know, in case you were wondering.) Sprinkled with humor throughout (the “Group Information” page talks about Genghis Khan and Dr. Hardy’s photo is superimposed with Captains Kirk and Picard), the site also contains a considerable amount of serious chemistry. This includes the “Virtual Classroom” page, which links to entire PowerPoint presentations covering topics from undergraduate general chemistry and biochemistry to advanced graduate courses in chemometrics and chemical separations. Additionally, there is an interactive periodic table of the elements, as well as a database containing information for more than 30,000 chemicals.

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