February 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 4)


Strong Points: Beautiful illustrations, interactive
Weak Points: Complete graphics don’t fit on screen


The Global Drug Development & Therapeutic IPO Tracker is a sharp-looking, interactive, data visualization tool developed by Evolution Bioscience. This open-source tool allows users to explore—in a very visual manner—trends in drug development, providing information for close to 300 companies from 2012 onward. The website uses five different visualizations (called “dashboards”) and includes an overview that shows overall cash flow within the industry, as well as different dashboards that allow users to filter company data based on either the treatment category or the treatment type (e.g., small molecule or vaccine). Site visitors are able to easily filter data within the dashboard simply by clicking on features of interest within the plots. Viewing the dashboards in their entirety on the website can be somewhat cumbersome, as the graphics are larger than a single browser window on a laptop. However, the visualizations can be downloaded as pdfs, images, or Tableau workbooks.

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