April 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 8)


Strong Points: Free data management system, good help section
Weak Points: None


This is one GIN that doesn’t pair well with tonic water. However, it does offer researchers a convenient solution to their data management needs. In today’s age of scientific research, researchers are generating (and having to manage) large amounts of data. GIN (G-Node Infrastructure) is a free data management system that lets researchers upload their data to private repositories and share those data with colleagues or the public. In addition, all data uploaded to GIN is versioned, meaning that previous versions are saved when changes are made. Data in GIN can be synchronized across devices and accessed anytime. The website has a useful help section as well as a FAQ page to get new users acquainted with the service. Site visitors can also explore shared repositories to get a sense of the data housed on the site.

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