Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Enormous amount of data; data visualization is beautifully done and easy to look through.

ENCODE, an acronym for the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements, is a veritable treasure trove of genetic data and information. The website includes numerous collections of genetic data, ranging from functional genomics data to mouse reference epigenomes to genetic variances in Alzheimer’s disease. Every data page is meticulously designed and beautifully arranged, making it easy for users to browse through experiments and pull out relevant information. In addition to the mountain of data, the website also includes encyclopedias that contain extensive annotations on human and mouse genomes. An extensive materials and methods section includes information about the antibodies, assays, software, and pipelines that were used for data collection. ENCODE is expansive in its scope and can be a bit overwhelming to browse through without an experiment in mind. However, it is an excellent resource for finding genetic and genomic data from multiple species.

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