Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Website is beautifully designed and contains a large collection of resources


Chlamydomonas is a type of green algae that has extensive uses both as a model organism for research and as an educational tool in the classroom. The Chlamydomonas Resource Center, from the University of Minnesota, provides extensive information about this organism and a variety of resources for researchers and educators. Through the website, researchers can order strains and plasmids and access extensive resources, including genome browsers, information about quality control practices, and a collection of protocols. In addition to the resources for researchers, there are also educational kits for teachers who want to demonstrate biological processes to their students through hands-on use of this organism. The Chlamydomonas Resource Center has a beautiful website with resources for everyone, from researchers using Chlamydomonas in the lab to teachers who want to incorporate a model organism into their classroom.

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