Cancer Digital Slide Archive

Cancer Digital Slide Archive

Rating: Very good

Strong Points: Excellent image quality; users can annotate directly on the images themselves.

Weak Points: The labeling system for the slides is a little confusing.

Cancerous tumors come in many shapes, sizes, and locations, and examining the differences between them is essential for learning more about how different types of cancer progress. To aid this goal, the Cancer Digital Slide Archive collects hundreds of images of cancerous tumors, allowing users to examine how they differ. Images are organized by cancer type, with a broad range represented in the archive. On each image, users can zoom in while maintaining very high resolution, adjust settings like brightness and contrast, and even make and save annotations on the image itself. Each image also includes an anonymized pathology report, detailing how the sample was taken, where it was taken from, and the diagnosis received by the patient. The Cancer Slide Digital Archive is an excellent resource for researchers looking to examine images from a wide range of cancerous tissues.

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