Rating: Very good

Strong Points: Enormous collection of data, resources, and tools.

Weak Points: Takes a bit of time to navigate around the site.

UniProt, short for the Universal Protein Resource, collects an abundance of protein annotation tools and data into one comprehensive website. The website includes extensive datasets of sequence clusters, sequence archives, and proteome sets, all of which are collected into easily searchable databases. The site also contains additional supporting data, such as information about proteins’ taxonomy, subcellular location, and disease relation. In addition to extensive databases, UniProt also provides users with common tools, such as BLAST and protein sequence alignment, right on the website for easy access. For users who find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available on the website, there is also a comprehensive help section that details what information is found in each database and how to use it. UniProt is an incredible resource for anyone interested in proteins, and its comprehensive collection of information makes it well worth a visit.

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