September 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 15)


Strong Points: Access to sequences
Weak Points: Clunky, ugly

Another offering from The Forsyth Institute, BROP (Bioinformatics Resource for Oral Pathogens), appears to have considerable overlap with the Oral Microbiome site and probably was an earlier version of the same. It is not clear why this one still exists, but such is the way of the Web in many cases. At BROP, one can download databases, sequence tools, and sequence information. There is also a means provided (OPMD) for managing microarray data. This includes options for uploading, analyzing, storing, organizing, and searching. Login is required for access here. Other functions available on the site include ORF genome alignments, a genome explorer, and sequence annotations. The layout here is considerably clunkier (and gaudier) than Forsyth’s other site, so in time (I’m guessing), this one may disappear.

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