June 15, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 12)


Strong Points: Great video clips and interactive activities
Weak Points: Many programming features not available in all areas


Sure, we all know the BBC as a news source, but are you familiar with its science-and-nature-education-website alter ego? This beautiful website decorated with photos of sharks, lemurs, and the solar system includes enough multimedia features to keep visitors (young and old) busy for hours…maybe even for days. There are video clips from nature shows, podcasts, and radio programs, with the one caveat that some of the programming is not available in all areas. If you encounter this issue, however, do not despair. You can still find much to do on this website in the form of various interactive science features. Some of them featured on the site as I write this include “spot the fake smile”, “the big personality test”, and “how musical are you?” The “Animals” page is another gem on this website, linking you to pages upon pages of video clips, photographs, distribution maps, and other educational resources.

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