June 15, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 12)


Strong Points: Nicely organized site, large image collection
Weak Points: Nothing major


Somewhere amidst the scores of pedestrian websites lies a breathtaking oasis (and no, this is no mirage). It is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s (ASDM) Sonoran Desert Digital Library, which transports the beauty of the desert to your very own computer screen. The site contains exactly what you would expect from a digital library—lots and lots of beautiful photos. The webpage is nicely designed and well organized, with visitors able to search the image collection or browse by plants, animals, or minerals. Within each category, entries are sorted alphabetically, and you can display the common name, scientific name, or the Spanish translation. Chemistry or geology buffs will enjoy the mineral collection, wherein one can search by chemical element. No matter which category of specimen suits your fancy, ASDM’s digital library will certainly convince you that there’s much more to a desert than sand and scorpions.

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