Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Numerous different ways to search for specimens; good amount of information available for each species.

If you need to know more information about a particular species of algae, then AlgaeBase should be your first stop. The website contains information for nearly 200,000 different types of algae, all of which are neatly organized on the site and easy to find. Users can search for a particular type of algae using the genus name, species name, common name, or even its habitat distribution. The page for each species contains information about where and when the species was originally described, common features of the algae, its natural habitat, and links to any similar species. The website also provides sample images of the species and information about where to obtain cultures for further research or propagation. In addition to the database, there is also a literature search feature and a searchable glossary of common terms in the field. AlgaeBase is a great resource for anyone working with these fascinating species.

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