Scientific Workflows

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Extremely well-organized and easy to upload notes and images

Weak Points: Unlocking the full range of workflows requires a paid license

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free


Scientific Workflows, from ThermoFisher Scientific, is an excellent resource for researchers using cryogenic electron microscopy. The app allows users to input detailed and specific parameters for their project, right down to the software version of the microscope that they’ll be using. Additionally, there are detailed and customizable workflows for every stage of sample processing and imaging, from grid preparation to checking the microscope optics. The app has a detailed page for data collection, including places to mark whether the experiment was successful or not and a dedicated spot for uploading collected images. For users new to cryo-EM, the app also has a section dedicated to short videos and courses describing the technique and how to optimize results. Scientific Workflows is an excellent app for organizing cryo-EM sample processing and data collection and makes it easier than ever to organize the details of your experiment from start to finish.