Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Easy to import and share data, app analyzes data very quickly

Weak Points: Nothing major

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: Free



iGenomics, from scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, makes it easy to analyze your DNA sequences on the go. The app allows users to import their own data files, and users can upload reference files, reads files, and mutations files all at once. After processing the files, users can further examine alignments, coverage profile, the coverage histogram, and all mutations, either in-depth by scrolling through the sequence or by using the convenient summary of the data provided on the app. Before analysis, users can also adjust their parameters by changing the maximum error rate allowed or by enabling trimming. There are numerous options for users to save the analyzed data, including exporting mutations specifically, saving alignments, or sharing alignments with collaborators. iGenomics is straightforward and easy to use, but still provides a wealth of functions for examining your sequencing data from anywhere.