February 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 3)


Strong Points: Simple interface, comprehensive user guide
Weak Points: Limited features in free version


Free (in-app purchases)


Long gone are the days when students and scientists needed to buy graphing calculators—now they have apps for that. The Quick Graph app is one example (and a good one at that), as it was voted the best graphing calculator available on the iTunes AppStore. The app interface is very simple, as users are merely faced with a digital depiction of graph paper. From there, users can easily graph equations entered with the built-in scientific keyboard by selecting the “+” symbol from the menu bar. In the free version of the app, only equations in the form of “variable = f(variable)” are accepted. The app also includes a small library of built-in example equations to get users started. Graph images can be shared via email or saved to the device’s photo library. 

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