Inspire Science 3D

Rating: Very good

Strong Points: Detailed 3D renderings for each module. Doesn’t require accompanying textbook to use most features.

Weak Points: Fairly short activities

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Available for Android: Yes

Cost: Free


Inspire Science 3D, from McGraw-Hill Education, lets you pick apart and explore a range of natural structures right from your phone. The app includes free modules available for download at your leisure that cover topics ranging from a typical animal cell to glaciers to compression waves. Each module includes a 3D rendering of the topic that users can explore piece-by-piece. For example, if you choose to look at the human eye, the app allows you to see the eye in full or drag apart and examine its individual components, such as the retina or the optic nerve. Each module contains short activities that involve labeling these components, and users who have the accompanying textbook can examine each module in augmented reality as well. Inspire Science 3D is a great app for breaking down complex systems to students and is just as much fun for curious adults.

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