May 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 9)


Strong Points: Easy to use
Weak Points: Limited file formats

iPad, iPhone, Android



The DNAApp is a simple tool to easily visualize raw DNA sequencing data from Applied Biosystems’ Sequencing Analysis software (ab1 file format). The app is likely to be most beneficial in the classroom setting, though researchers may find it to be useful for on-the-go data analysis as well. Users import ab1 files into the app from Dropbox, after which the electropherogram and sequence data are displayed on the screen. From there, users may perform the following actions: display the reverse complement of the sequence, scale the electropherogram, translate the DNA sequence, copy portions of the sequence, jump to a specific position within the sequence, search for a segment, or export the sequence to FASTA. The app is very responsive (at least with manageably sized sequences) and it offers a simple interface to explore DNA sequencing data.

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