Complete Anatomy ’23

Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free trial, then $39.99–$119.99/year.

Strong Points: Updates improve app experience; detailed and informative views of human anatomy.

Weak Points: Subscription rates are steep.

Complete Anatomy, a staple app for students and medical professionals, is back with new updates and is as easy to use as ever. The new update allows users to further customize their anatomical model, such as choosing between numerous skin tones, and comes with bug fixes. The updates enhance what is still an excellent anatomy app. Users can closely examine each major organ system in the body either directly on their phone or by projecting a model onto the room around them in AR. Additionally, the app includes numerous 3D models of specific parts of the body, offering in-depth looks into systems such as the cochlea, skeletal muscle fibers, and neuronal synapses. Unfortunately, Complete Anatomy does require a subscription in order to access all features, but the free trial is worth using if you find yourself in need of a human anatomy refresher.

Complete Anatomy ’23

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