Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free for basic plan.

Strong Points: Can create and customize numerous spaces.

Weak Points: Takes some effort to set everything up.

Juggling numerous tasks, especially if they span very different projects, can feel as difficult as actually completing them. If you want a better way to view your to-do list, check out ClickUp. The app, which is also available for your desktop computer, is an excellent tool for both breaking projects down into manageable pieces and consolidating all of your overdue tasks into one place. Within the app users can create “spaces” for different projects, which makes it easy to separate experiment goals from grant deadlines. Users can add various types of to-do lists, timelines, and calendars within each space. Once spaces are set up, the home page consolidates all open tasks into one place, making it easy to see what’s due today with just a glance. ClickUp offers numerous other functionalities, such as creating or linking documents, tracking time spent on a task, and setting completion goals. If you’re having trouble organizing and keeping track of your to-do list, ClickUp may be the solution that you’re looking for.


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