June 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 11)


Strong Points: Large collection of 3D models
Weak Points: Minimal text descriptions, generic models used for many conditions

iPad, iPhone, Android

Free (in-app subscription purchase)


Human anatomy is presented via engaging 3D models in the BioDigital Human app, a useful app for clinicians, educators, and students. The app includes a large collection of individual 3D models (and in some cases, animations) that highlight specific topics or conditions associated with the various systems of the human body. The majority of models can be downloaded within the free version of the app, though some of the content requires a subscription purchase. (In addition, only five items may be downloaded to the device at any given time with the free version of the app.) Once downloaded, individual items are viewed within the “my human” portion of the app, where users can manipulate and annotate the models. Annotated images can be saved to the device or emailed.

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