Amino Acid Academy

Amino Acid Academy

Platform: iPhone/iPad Available

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Flashcards are easy to use and have a fun chalkboard style.

Weak Points: Fairly limited use beyond the flashcards.

Amino acids are the essential building blocks of proteins and one of the first topics in any biochemistry class. If you’re struggling to memorize the dizzying array of carbon bonds or want to refresh your memory for an upcoming exam, check out Amino Acid Academy. The app has a fairly simple flashcard setup but includes numerous options and customizations that make it a great tool for review. Users can browse through the amino acids and their chemical structures or jump right into a review session where you have to match up amino acids’ names and structures. The app allows users to customize several settings, including the method of review and whether amino acids are shown with their 3-letter or 1-letter symbol. Amino Acid Academy is a fairly basic app but a great tool for biochemistry students or researchers looking to brush up on their knowledge of amino acid structures.

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