Population Genetics Technologies (PGT) assigned exclusive rights to U.S. patent 8,420,319 to New England Biolabs (NEB). The patent covers techniques for asymmetric adaptor library construction. As part of next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation, this technology enables increased efficiency at the adaptor ligation step, resulting in high-yield libraries and minimized adaptor-dimer formation, according to PGT.

“Given the incredible expansion of genome sequencing and nucleic acid-based assays, methods that simplify and improve nucleic acid manipulation and analysis are of high value,” said Frank Massam, PGT’s COO. “We are therefore delighted that some of the methods we have invented and developed can now be made available to a larger customer base via NEB’s global distribution network. This partnership fits well with our strategy of engaging with partners to fully realize the value of our technologies and capabilities.”

“We are excited to offer a novel adaptor solution for NGS library preparation to our customers,” added Peter Nathan, NEB’s executive director of global business development. “The increased efficiencies resulting from use of this process further enhance the workflows for our NEBNext library construction kits.”

NEBNext products facilitate DNA and RNA library preparation for downstream applications, such as next-generation sequencing, explained Nathan. “The recently launched NEBNext Ultra™ kits, which address the increasing need for fast and robust performance, also allow the use of low-nanogram amounts of input DNA or RNA,” he noted.

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