Firms have worked together to ensure seamless data integration.

Partek and Life Technologies have signed an agreement through which the latter will offer the bioinformatics firm’s Partek® Genomics Suite™ as a featured solution for analyzing data generating using Life Tech’s next-generation sequencing platforms.

Partek Genomics Suite is the firm’s flagship software, developed as a comprehensive suite of statistics and interactive data visualization tools specifically designed to extract biological signals from noisy data. The firm claims the software is unique in that the single package can support all microarray and next-generation sequencing technologies, including gene expression and digital gene expression (DGE), exon/alternative splicing and RNA-Seq, copy number and association, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, and microRNA. Included within the package are embedded tools for alignment, quality control analysis, statistics, clustering, biological interpretation, and functional classes and pathways, which Partek claims aid users in the identification of biomarkers and patterns within their data.

Life Tech’s ability to offer Partek Genomics Suite alongside its existing data processing and analysis tools represents a “terrific addition,” comments Claude Benchimol, svp of biological information systems at Life Technologies. “Partek has worked closely with us to ensure seamless data integration and rapid analysis, enabling our customers to interpret and present their findings with unprecedented speed and ease.”

Partek offers a family of software solutions for data mining and analysis applications. Partek Express, Affymetrix Edition is targeted at scientists new to gene expression analysis, and effectively guides the user through establishing statistical tests to identify gene expression changes across different experimental variables. Partek Discovery Suite, meanwhile, provides the tools required to find patterns in data, such as correlations, contributions, cause-and-effect relationships, trends, and predictability, the firm claims. In contrast, Partek Screening Solution is an integrated suite of statistical analysis and interactive visualization tools for use in the identification of promising lead compounds from plate-based high-throughput screening campaigns. Partek QSAR Solution has been developed to comprise a comprehensive suite of advanced statistics, data mining, and interactive visualization tools tailored to identify significant correlations between chemical structures and biological activities.

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