Illumina Genome Network will link researchers with its certified service providers.

Illumina has established a new network initiative designed to link scientists looking to undertake large-scale whole human genome sequencing projects with the establishments that can carry them out. Through the Illumina Genome Network the firm will connect interested researchers with participating certified service provider-approved academic and industrial partners worldwide. The aim is to give researchers a dependable, cost-effective means of accessing next-gen sequencing technologies. The network initiative will concentrate solely on offering whole-genome sequencing services for large-scale projects, the firm states.

“By creating the Illumina Genome Network, we believe we can catalyze the development of the market for whole-genome sequencing and help the research community to accelerate the rate of research in human health and population genetics,” comments Christian Henry, svp and GM for life sciences.

Illumina says access to whole human genome sequencing services is available immediately, and organizations already enrolled as partners include GMI/Macrogen and the National Center for Genome Resources. Discussions are also under way with other institutions including the Broad Institute, BGI, University of Washington Department of Genome Sciences, and deCode Genetics.

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