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Synthetic biology is taking on some of today’s biggest challenges—from developing drugs and manufacturing sustainable materials to helping solve the climate crisis. One of the technologies supporting these innovations, and revolutionizing the bioeconomy, is DNA synthesis. As synthetic biology grows, so too does the demand for synthetic DNA. Researchers want longer, and more complicated DNA, while not wanting to compromise on price.

On this GEN Live, we’ll focus on DNA synthesis and discuss efforts to overcome the biggest challenges impeding the development of synthetic DNA. In addition, we’ll talk about the impact that the progress in DNA synthesis will have, and the doors it will open, as synbio is poised to help address some of our biggest challenges.

GEN moderator:
• Julianna LeMieux, PhD – Deputy Editor-in-Chief, GEN 

A live Q&A session followed the discussion, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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Emily Leproust, PhD
Emily Leproust, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder
Twist Bioscience
Drew Endy
Drew Endy, PhD
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Stanford University
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