Genecept Mood assay reportedly helps clinicians determine if a patient has specific genetic polymorphisms.

DNA Genotek’s Oragene®•DNA sample collection kit has been selected by Genomind for its Genecept Mood™ Assay, a saliva-based psychiatric genetic test. Oragene•DNA is used for stabilization, transportation, and purification of DNA from saliva.

DNA Genotek says its sample-collection kit avoids drawbacks associated with traditional collection methods, such as cost, invasiveness, and amount of high-quality DNA. Oragene•DNA is among company products being used by research institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, and Johns Hopkins.

The Genecept Mood Assay analyzes neurotransmitter variations, providing information on specific patient genotypes that is supposed to allow physicians to offer more individualized medication choice. Patients’ saliva samples are mailed to Genomind’s lab for genetic analysis.

The assay targets metabolism, serotonin transporter, dopamine, and glutamate, with clinicians determining if a patient has a specific genetic polymorphism that may be associated with a psychiatric condition. Within three to five business days, a report containing test results and corresponding interpretation is provided to the physician through a secure website portal.

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