It’s not just for research; genetics is playing an increasing role in clinical medicine as well.

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Are you interested in genetics, but thought the field was just for research? This video was made by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) to encourage you to consider a medical residency and career in medical genetics. The organization notes that genetics and genomics are changing how we practice medicine and will increasingly guide day-to-day healthcare decisions.

This new video features current and recent medical genetics residents in interviews, in patient care situations, in group discussions, and in team meetings in a variety of settings.

From diagnosis to management and from rare diseases to the most common conditions, medical genetics is moving the practice of medicine forward, says ACMG. The future of medicine lies in a better understanding of the human genome and how to apply it to every aspect of medical practice—and this video lets medical students know the variety of ways that they can play a role in this fascinating effort.

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