10x Genomics has begun shipping to customers the first two products powered by its new GEM-X technology architecture—the Chromium GEM-X Single Cell Gene Expression v4 and its GEM-X Single Cell Immune Profiling v3 assays.

Both were unveiled last month at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Chromium GEM-X Single Cell Gene Expression v4 promises scalable whole transcriptome 3’ profiling at the single-cell level for hundreds to tens of thousands of cells per sample. The gene expression assay also adds feature barcode technology designed to enable the combination of gene expression profiling and cell surface protein detection with tens to hundreds of antibodies, 10x says.

GEM-X Single Cell Immune Profiling v3 is intended to allow users to fully characterize adaptive immune response with multiomic profiling, including immune receptor mapping, to give a comprehensive view of the immune system that includes increased cell recovery, up to 80% cell capture efficiency, and more effective pairing of full-length T- and B-cell receptor sequences.

According to 10x, that comprehensive view enabled by v3 delivers innate and adaptive immune cell diversity with detection of rare cell types, biomarkers, and low-RNA content cells like neutrophils. The immune profiling system is also designed to let users detect the whole transcriptome, along with cell surface proteins.

10x won’t say how many of both assays have been sold.

Serge Saxonov, PhD, 10x’s co-founder and CEO, did say, however, that the assays are expected to draw new as well as existing customers given GEN-X’s improvements detailed by 10x compared with older assays—including increased sensitivity, higher throughput, higher cost effectiveness, improved sample recovery, enhanced data quality, and faster run times.

“We are very happy with the customer response,” Saxonov said. “A lot of customers have been very interested in them right off the bat.”

10x says it is on track with a series of other product launches announced at the 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in January.

  • Xenium: Four new offerings scheduled to reach customers during 2024. The first rolls out later this quarter, when 10x plans to start shipping Xenium systems with improved cell segmentation capability. During the second quarter, targeting midyear, 10x expects to start shipping 5,000 Plex gene expression panels; followed during the second half by in-line multiplex protein detection, then 1,000 and 2,000 Plex Panels, which are set to start shipping later this year or early 2025.
  • Visium: 10x plans to start shipping a new-and-improved HD version of its widely used, slide-based Visium Spatial Gene Expression platform. The new version will be capable of detecting 11 million features in a continuous grid-pattern of 2 μm squares—compared with just 5,000 features detectable in a hexagonal arrangement of 55 μm spots.

Saxonov previously told GEN that 10x had no plans for launching a fourth platform in 2024.

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