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The power of mRNA vaccines became well established due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are just beginning to scratch the surface of their therapeutic versatility. Numerous global projects are underway to employ mRNA technology to combat human diseases such as cancer, HIV, and influenza. In a four-part webinar series over the next several months, we will hear from a diverse group of investigators who are at the vanguard of mRNA research and the novel ways they are utilizing this technology.

In this first webinar, which GEN and The CRISPR Journal are co-hosting, our distinguished speaker will be Dr. Norbert Pardi, who has been doing some excellent, cutting-edge work on the development of broadly protective mRNA-based influenza vaccines. Not only will he discuss the mechanism of action of mRNA vaccines, Dr. Pardi will also tell us how his laboratory utilized a lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated, nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccine platform to deliver a combination of conserved influenza virus antigens.


A live Q&A followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Norbert Pardi
Norbert Pardi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Microbiology
University of Pennsylvania

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