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Element Bio ebook coverNext-generation sequencing (NGS) is continuously evolving. Traditional short-read DNA sequencing has encouraged break-throughs at ever-lower costs across the field of genomics. However, tumors, brains, the immune system, and other complex systems require the greater resolution and flexibility only recently introduced with single-cell sequencing. Compared to the more established bulk RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq), single-cell sequencing magnifies cellular differences to glean intel about how an individual cell functions in its environment. By sequencing individual cells to determine the base sequences, researchers can obtain genomic, transcriptomic, or multiomic data on a cell-by-cell basis, revealing details that are otherwise overlooked.

Single-cell sequencing applies to any study that requires detailed understanding of a cell population, marking tremendous potential for multiple research areas spanning a diversity of applications. This eBook highlights single-cell innovations and approaches, demonstrating how NGS identifies a neuroblastoma target and provides insights for brain rejuvenation and the development of combination therapies. We also invite researchers to explore how the Element AVITI System synthesizes quality, flexibility, and compatibility to deliver affordable single-cell sequencing at any scale so that you can own the next breakthrough.


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