The board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance approved the establishment of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA), a financing mechanism that will make up to $1 billion available to support a sustainable vaccine manufacturing industry in Africa. The goal for that industry is to make it capable of addressing future pandemics, outbreaks, and other health emergencies as well as the health of global vaccine markets.

The Gavi decision was made after months of collaboration with the African Union and the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

Targeting clear and unmet needs

Gavi is one of the largest purchasers of vaccines in the world. AVMA aims to make up to $1 billion available to manufacturers at critical moments in the development process as a way of helping offset high start-up costs and provide assurance of demand. By focusing on “priority” antigens, product profiles, and vaccine platforms, as well as constructing clear incentives for both “fill and finish” and drug substance production, AVMA says it will support global vaccine markets by targeting clear unmet needs and help establish a thriving, sustainable, end-to-end African vaccine manufacturing ecosystem.

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The mandate of the division of disease control and prevention is to establish and strengthen capacity of member states to prevent and control endemic diseases, neglected tropical diseases, and non-communicable diseases (including mental health) by identifying, leveraging, and integrating existing public health assets and human resources on the continent to achieve universal healthcare coverage. [Africa CDC]
Two years ago, the African Union Heads of States and Governments established The Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM) under the Africa CDC to deliver the goal of enabling the African vaccine manufacturing industry to develop, produce, and supply over 60% of the total vaccine doses required on the continent by 2040, up from less than one percent today (with interim goals of 10% by 2025 and 30% by 2030).

Since then, several vaccine manufacturing projects have been taking shape with others coming up, all of which with the objective of guaranteeing self-reliance of Africa should any health emergency or outbreak hit the continent, according to Jean Kaseya, MD, director of Africa CDC.

“[This] is a significant moment for Africa by establishing the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator. The targeted $1 billion from GAVI to African manufacturers is a game changer for the continent and advances our efforts towards vaccine self-reliance. Africa CDC remains determined that Africa should produce its own vaccine and protect the lives of all Africans,” he said. “GAVI has been an incredible partner in this, we will continue to advance together on this journey of self-reliance. Together, we are united with a mission for vaccine equity.”

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Africa CDC recently launched the Trusted Health Initiative to revolutionize digital health in Africa. [Africa CDC]
“We are grateful for the incredible close collaboration with the African Union and Africa CDC in support of our shared vision of a thriving, sustainable African vaccine ecosystem” added David Marlow, Interim CEO, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. “AVMA is an important step forward, sending a powerful signal that GAVI is serious about its efforts to support this vital initiative.”

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