Oligo Factory, which manufactures oligonucleotides at scale, reports that it is compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This milestone emphasizes Oligo Factory’s commitment to exceptional quality control, adherence to stringent global regulatory standards, and customer service, said Chris Boggess, CEO of the company.

“We are thrilled to announce our GMP ICHQ7 compliance. I’m extremely proud of our team who worked tirelessly throughout 2023 to achieve this milestone,” he continued.

GMP ICHQ7 compliance is a critical benchmark for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, ensuring that products are produced consistently and abide by the highest quality standards. Oligo Factory has implemented a comprehensive quality management system to align its operations with GMP guidelines, explained Boggess, pointing out that this includes enhanced documentation and traceability practices, rigorous training programs for employees, regular audits, and continuous improvement initiatives.

“By integrating these measures into its manufacturing process, Oligo Factory can now serve its customer base more fully and enhance the level of quality and consistency across its oligonucleotide products,” he said.

Oligo Factory’s GMP-compliant products target a range of applications, including drug discovery, therapeutic development, and diagnostic testing. Early last year the company opened an oligonucleotide synthesis facility in Holliston, MA, that reportedly features over 13,000 ft2 of laboratory and office space, increased oligo synthesis capacity by 12x, and purification and lyophilization by 10x.

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