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A new company has been founded to supply software for managing cell & gene therapy manufacturing.

Autolomous, founded in February 2019, has already secured four different clients whom they hope to assist with digitizing and streamlining their workflows.

“There’s a gap around handling manufacturing data in cell and gene therapy manufacturing,” explains Kwok Pang, the company’s co-founder and COO. “So, what we’re doing is providing that missing piece of the puzzle to help drive efficiency across the supply chain.”

Autolomous will be presenting its technology at a “Dragons-Den”-style event at the 17th Annual bioProcessUK Conference 2020, taking place online in December. They claim their software provides an end-to-end view of the manufacturing workflow, which includes the status of manufacturing equipment, operators, the facility and the starting material which, for CAR-T products, is the blood obtained from patients at the point of care.

According to Pang, the AutoloMATE platform is the first to incorporate all these aspects of workflow within a single digital platform. “We believe that all aspects need to be accounted for to provide efficient, reliable, scalable manufacturing,” he says.

These management and quality assurance data can be communicated across the supply chain, Pang explains. The company has already integrated their software with equipment from Chemometec and Beckton Dickinson.

“Our major differentiator is that we have good connections to the industry, and we’re industry led in terms of responding to its future and current demands,” says Pang, who has 18 years’ experience working in advanced therapies.

His three co-founders (Alexander Seyf, Mark Lowdell and Alexis Blain) also have lengthy experience in either advanced therapies or using software solutions in non-life science industries.

Their aim is to simplify the vast amount of data produced during personalized therapy manufacturing, where a different product batch is needed for each patient.

“Prior to joining Autolomous, I worked at the UK’s Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult,” he says. “So, I saw first-hand the challenges of operating and scaling a manufacturing facility and managing its data.”

The company currently has customers in the U.K., the Netherlands, and the U.S. They expect to announce the identity of their U.S. collaborator later this month.

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