Officials at the 3i Group report that they have established a single-use bioprocessing platform serving the biopharmaceutical sector with the acquisitions of Cellon, Silicone Altimex, and TBL Performance Plastics. Cellon, based in Luxembourg, and TBL, based in NJ, were acquired from their founder owners, who will continue to serve as leaders of the platform. Silicone Altimex had been a U.K.-based subsidiary of 3i-backed Q Holding that was acquired in 2015 from its owners, who remain advisors to the company.

Cellon is a manufacturer of single-use technology (SUT) products for bioprocessing, storage, and transport of sterile solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the production of biological drugs, vaccines, and therapies. Its products include sterile bottles for the production of biologic drugs, custom tube and bottle sets, and platinum-cured silicone tubing. The company has a 54,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Luxembourg.

TBL is a vertically-integrated thermoplastic manufacturer of high-purity tubing, sanitary fittings, over­moulded connections, and other products for biopharmaceutical production facilities. It operates a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Sparta, NJ, where it provides injection moulding, extrusion, and ISO Class 7 clean room assembly services. TBL serves OEMs, as well as distributors serving the bioprocessing production market.

Silicone Altimex provides high quality, integrated elastomeric solutions to biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Its products include a range of silicone tubing, clean room assemblies, and other components.

The newly established platform will offer products such as the PharmaTainer™ bottles and carboy product line, aSURE® fittings, Tri-Clamp® ends, Bio-Ease™ clamps, tubing solutions such as Cellgyn®, and cleanroom bioprocessing assembly capacity in North America and Europe for custom solutions, according to Thomas J. Hook, CEO of Q Holding.

“With Cellon and TBL, it became clear we had a unique opportunity to establish a standalone platform in the SUT market,” he said. “We believe a dedicated approach is in the best interests of serving the market and the combined customer base of leading biopharma and vaccine manufacturers, integrators, and distributors. Q Holding will be reinvesting proceeds to support a significant expansion of its production capacity for our cardiovascular and peripheral vascular catheter product lines.”

“3i has been looking for some time to build a platform serving the high growth SUT market,” added Richard Relyea, partner, 3i US. In combining Cellon, TBL, and Silicone Altimex we are establishing a platform with a strong product suite of leading SUT solutions and clean room production capacity in North America and Europe. We will continue to invest in innovation, production capacity, and geographic footprint to better serve our customers.”

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