PathAI has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud aimed at helping scientists in anatomic pathology laboratories better utilize its artificial intelligence-based image management solution. 

The company made the announcement during this year’s Bio-IT World Conference & Expo held in Boston. Under the terms of the agreement, PathAI will provide access to AISight, its image management system, on the Google Cloud infrastructure. AISight combines PathAI’s artificial intelligence solutions with third-party algorithms to provide a unified case and image management solution. 

According to PathAI, the combined solution will provide scientists in anatomic pathology labs across industry, academia, and health systems with biomarker quantification capabilities that aid in disease staging and scoring. Backed by the cloud, scientists will be able to process petabytes of data for large-scale biomarker discovery and clinical studies. They’ll also be able to quickly develop customized solutions and novel AI models that are tailored to their specific research needs. 

“We understand the urgent need within the biopharmaceutical industry for secure, scalable solutions in AI-driven drug discovery, laboratory operations, and biomarker quantification,” said Ryan Terry, managing director for healthcare and life sciences at Google Cloud. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with PathAI to create a new wave of solutions that leverage precision medicine to help solve the industry’s most significant challenges.”

Current customers of the AISight include Quantum Pathology, an independent pathology service provider. 

Earlier this year, PathAI added several new features to AISight including tools for real-time collaboration, case review, and more seamless interactions between users. Other new features include support for live tumor boards and anonymized viewing to mask personal health information as needed. The company also added functionality that provides pathologists with more streamlined views of their caseload for easier prioritization. 

Separately, PathAI recently expanded an existing partnership with Roche Tissue Diagnostics that is focused on developing AI-enabled digital pathology algorithms for companion diagnostics use. 

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