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The launch of Revvity, Inc. in May 2023 signaled the rebranding of an 85-year-old company with a dedicated focus on the diagnostics and life sciences sector. Bolstered through strategic acquisitions over the four years leading up to its launch, such as Sirion Biotech for gene delivery, Horizon Discovery for gene editing and modulation, BioLegend for flow cytometry, antibody development, and cell culture, and Nexcelom Bioscience for cell counting and morphological assessment, Revvity positioned itself as a key player in the cell and gene therapy industry.

Michelle Fraser RevvityThese acquisitions complemented Revvity’s existing offerings, including immunoassays, cellular imaging and analysis, cell painting, and clinical laboratory services. Additionally, Revvity offers next-generation sequencing (NGS) reagents, lab automation and microfluidics technologies, in vivo imaging, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions, and analytical software for research and clinical applications. In this article, Michelle Fraser, Head of Cell and Gene Therapy at Revvity, offers insights into the company’s unwavering passion for bringing advanced cell and therapy solutions to people around the world.

What excites us about cell and gene therapy?

We are in the midst of one of the largest transformations in our understanding of the link between genes, proteins, cells, and diseases. The era of precision medicine is underway, leading to improved diagnosis and treatment. With the advent of cell and gene therapies, enabled by CRISPR and next-generation gene editing technologies, we are seeing therapies emerge that have the potential to address and correct the genetic causes of disease, offering a possibility for permanent treatment. This transformation is rapidly accelerating our insights into biological complexities and allowing us to develop more precise, safer, and individualized therapies that directly address the root cause with reduced side effects. Cell and gene therapies are transforming the landscape of personalized medicine within our lifetime.

How are we contributing to advance this therapeutic modality?

Over the past four years, Revvity has embedded itself within the cell and gene therapy space. For example, our innovative Pin-point™ base editing platform has been out-licensed for therapeutic use and launched as research-use reagents, democratizing access to this next-generation gene editing technology. Our LentiBOOST® lentiviral transduction enhancer is contributing to the success of two approved cell therapies and featuring in over 40 active clinical trials. Additionally, our novel AAVs have been intelligently designed, evolved, and selected for tissue specificity using in vivo models, and are being used in gene therapy clinical development programs. Complementing these advancements, we have also launched a range of assays to measure CAR T-cell proliferation, cytokine release, and cytotoxicity, while our AAV empty/full microfluidic assays have been tailored specifically to support gene therapy manufacturing. These achievements demonstrate how Revvity continues to innovate and make a positive impact in the dynamic field of cell and gene therapy.

What lies ahead for Revvity?

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the cell and gene therapy space. By combining next-generation gene editing with highly efficient targeted viral and non-viral delivery systems, we are positioned to revolutionize the landscape of advanced therapeutic development. Our suite of advanced discovery platforms and accredited QA/QC assays are perfectly complemented by our diagnostics expertise and experience, enhancing our understanding of genes, proteins, and cells, and supporting the exploration of biological complexities. Collaborating with our pharma, biotech, and academic partners, our goal is to support the development of the next generation of transformative cell and gene therapies. We are fully committed to leveraging our breadth and depth of technical expertise to address the challenges ahead, propelling cell and gene therapies toward becoming the standard of care for oncology and rare diseases on a global scale.

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