Unlocking the Power of Genomics with Automated NGS Library Preparation Solutions

A Guide to a New Era of Biomarker Discovery

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Tecan eBook Cover May 2023

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized life science and clinical research in numerous ways. Before the advent of NGS, traditional sequencing methods were time- consuming, expensive, and could only sequence a small fraction of the genome. With the development of NGS, it is now possible to sequence the entire genome of an organism in a matter of days, at a fraction of the cost of previous methods. This has led to a wealth of new information being generated about genetic variation, disease-causing mutations, and other biological phenomena. In clinical research, NGS has allowed for the study of the genetic basis of diseases in unprecedented detail, resulting in new treatments and therapies.

Library preparation is a crucial step in the NGS workflow, involving the preparation of DNA or RNA samples for sequencing. Automated library preparation solutions streamline this process by using robotics to perform the required steps, reducing the potential for human error and increasing repro-ducibility as well as the hands-on time required for library preparation, freeing up researchers to focus on downstream data analysis and driving faster go-to-market. Automated library preparation solutions are available from a variety of vendors and can be tailored to specific research needs. For example, some solutions may be optimized for low-input DNA or RNA samples, while others may be optimized for specific sequencing applications, such as whole-genome sequencing or targeted sequencing. In this eBook, you will learn about how to unlock the power of genomics with automated NGS library preparation solutions.


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