The new Rack Reader DR500 has been optimized for rapid and accurate sample identification. The system can scan and decode an entire rack of 2D data-matrix codes in less than 5 seconds and a single 96-well format tube in less than 2 seconds. Moreover, the small benchtop footprint makes the DR500 an efficient, space-saving option for organizing laboratory sample inventory. The DR500 is fully compatible with most brands of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes, whether they are in a 96-, 48-, or 24-well format. Now with versatile power options, the DR500 can be powered via external power supply or by USB, allowing users the ability to decode a rack of tubes using only a laptop. The DR505 option will also feature an anti-frost system, which minimizes condensation of frozen samples on the scanner plate. Additionally, the CSV-file output enables users to smoothly integrate the Micronic software into their laboratory information management system (LIMS).

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