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GE SPR SystemThe Biacore 8K+ is an eight-needle, high-sensitivity surface plasmon resonance (SPR) system that can automate over 4500 drug candidate–disease target binding experiments in a single run. This increases operational efficiency in pharmaceutical discovery and development, quality control, and basic life sciences research. The Biacore instrument generates high-quality data from interaction experiments (such as specificity, affinity, kinetics, concentration, and potency) which, when paired with dedicated ease of use software, helps laboratory managers and scientist to make quick, informed decisions that help progress their drug discovery and development programs. This SPR system is designed to drive operational efficiency and improve time to decision across various stages in drug discovery, development, process optimization, and quality control. The large sample hotel can accommodate up to 12 microplates and is temperature-controlled to protect sample and reagents to ensure activity and maintain stability.

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