Quality control (QC) is a critical step in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Every manufacturer must demonstrate that its drugs are consistently produced, safe, potent, and pure. The number of tests that must be run by QC labs continues to rise to meet the ever increasing QC requirements of global regulatory agencies. Your HPLC results can only be as good as the quality of your sample preparation.

High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) is one of the most common high-precision analytical methods used in QC labs to determine product concentration and purity. Its primary objective is to deliver reproducible and specific results. A sample must be optimally prepared before it can be injected directly into an HPLC column. To accomplish this, the sample must be dissolved in the appropriate solvent. Even more important, it must also be free of particles to rule out interference during detection and to prevent blockage of the column. Sample preparation is often tedious and time-consuming, but Sartorius has developed intelligent solutions that ease and speed the sample preparation workflow.

This eBook, published in collaboration with GEN, presents application and technical notes that illustrate the benefits of Sartorius solutions for lab weighing, lab filtration, liquid handling, and water purification in the sample prep workflow.



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